Who we are

We are tiny ukrainian family owned manufacturing, crafting boho-folk clothing for more then 10 years... Untill recently we were struck by war, an invasion.

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Make It Your Own

Each collections below represents a family of products,
that you can change in variety of ways: put your mesurements,
pick different prints and materials.

Blouse Pani
Button-down blouse with long and fluffy sleeves and gusseted armholes. The blouse has slim cuffs and pleats around the neckline.
Dress Pani
Loose cut dress with gusseted puff sleeves. The dress has a drawstring along the waistline and buttons on the front. The dress's collar, hemline, and pockets are decorated with laces or solid color material. There are decorative patches on the dress's pockets, sleeves, and back. Patches are picked based on the materials available, preserving overall aesthetic sincerity.
Dress School
Loose cut, tiered dress, has tucks and two buttons on the front, gusset 3/4 sleeve. The hemline is trimmed with laces and horizontal pleated stripes.
Dress Stephania
Stephania is a simple dress with, defining stance and a unique posh presence. It is signed with hand-crafted pleats on a chest with bronze buttons. Collars and cuffs are trimmed with laces.
Dress Varavara
Long dress with a high waistline. The dress has vertical tucks on the front and a tiered skirt with pockets. Materials vary from wool to rayon.
Warm, button-down basque jacket with patch pockets and mandarin collar. The jacket is filled with batting and has a cotton interior. Patchwork is made of 6 different prints picked based on materials available to preserve its authentic aesthetics and retain its color palette consistency. Made of rayon on the outside and printed cotton on the inside; the filler is organic batting.
Tiered Dresses
This family of dresses is a loose cut long dress, sleeves with gussets. Can be of two lengths: long and midi. It has a couple of variations of hemline: cotton laces, cotton laces with plain color backing, and regular. We also let you choose from endless combinations of printed rayons to choose from. You can also specify your individual measurements for perfect fit.

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